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Should I Refinish or Replace my Hardwood Floors?

hardwood floor refinishing Cleveland

Refinishing your hardwood floors vs. replacing them has always been a debate. Replacing is hefty on your pockets; while refinishing might be cheap, but comes with its set of issues like dusty floor sanding and a smell that can be unpleasant.

Be it hardwood floor refinishing or replacing; both have their own needs and advantages to opt one over the other. Multiple factors should be taken into account before making the decision.

We have included here some essential tips for what you should consider when making the decision.

Refinishing Your Hardwood Floors

Who doesn’t like to be praised by their friends and family for their swanky interior taste? Refinishing your worn and old hardwood floor may add a new life to your preexisting floor.

Here are some reasons you might need to consider hardwood floor refinishing Cleveland:

1.     Superficial Damage

If the damage is superficial, going for the expensive option like replacing your hardwood floor might not be a good choice.

Trivial damages like gouge only in a small section, filling up a few gaps or scratches here and there can be easily repaired by refinishing the floor.

With hardwood floor repair, see your old worn floor restored to its original charm.

2.     Impossible Stains

If you have kids and pets in your home, chances are, your hardwood floor has a great many stains that make you look negligent, to say the least.

Refinishing can clean these hard or, at times, even impossible-to-remove stains on your floor.

Refinishing hardwood floors is a budget-friendly option to blow life into your tainted floor.

3.     Discoloration or Fading

Over time, your hardwood floor gets faded if it is exposed to sunlight. Major scratches also tend to make your floor appear dull and discolored.

Refinishing your hardwood floor ensures you renew the floors without the hassle of replacement. Moreover, floor sanding ensures removing scratches and dents too.

4.     Water Damage

Water can damage your hardwood floors resulting in swollen floors or unsightly stains. This is another reason you may need to refinish your floors.

5.     Economical

If you are looking for an economical way to give your floor a totally new look, refinishing is the go-to option. Replacing your hardwood floors comes with additional expenses of tearing up and hauling away the existing floor.

Moreover, the new installation and labor costs heighten the expenses even more.

How Often Should I Consider Refinishing?

The simple answer to this question is: it depends. There are some factors to consider before refinishing your floors. The thickness of the floor, how many times it has been previously refinished, and the experience of the professional who does the flooring job are certain things to keep in mind.

In general, a hardwood floor can be sanded five to six times in its lifetime. And every refinish can be done in a span of seven to ten years.

Hardwood floors are durable and can last many years if you take care of them and get them refinished by professionals.

Replacing Your Hardwood Floors

While refinishing can economically resolve most of your flooring problems, you may still consider replacing your old floors with new ones.

Here are some reasons why you might need to opt for the expensive option.

1.     Old Floors

The foremost reason to consider replacing hardwood floors is that your floor is now TOO old and cannot withhold refinishing anymore.

If you can see the tongue where your boards are fitted, it is high time to consider replacing it. Pine floors are softer than most floors and were used a long ago. If you have pine flooring, you probably might need replacement.

2.     Changing Width

Wider planks are now trendy, and they look stylish and modern. They also make your room look bigger.

If you want to change the width of your planks for a completely new look or to make your space look wider, the only way to do this is to replace your current floor.

3.     To Avoid Mess

Hardwood floor refinishing is messier than replacing the floors. Refinishing also takes longer than replacement. You cannot have furniture on your floor or even walk on it while it is being refinished.

Some people tend to avoid this mess and opt for replacing over refining.

4.     Type of Wood

If you want a different type of wood than the existing one at your home, the only way to get it is by changing the floor entirely.

But if you think all you need is a different colored floor, then changing the color of your floor is no big issue.

5.     Termite Infestation

If more than 30% of your hardwood floor is infested with termites, replacing it makes more sense than refinishing it.

Pros and Cons of Refinishing and Replacing Hardwood Floors

While sometimes you are left with no choice but to replace your hardwood floors, at times, you can have both options to choose from: either refinish or replace your floors.

When you have to opt between one of these, you should consider their pros and cons and choose what suits you best.

  • Hardwood floor refinishing is cheaper than replacing them straightaway.
  • Floor sanding can get dusty, smelly, consume your time, and keeps your space occupied while replacing floors is less messy.
  • Hardwood floor repair can restore your floors to their original appearance, while replacing your floors can give a totally new and modernized look to them.

Can I get Refinishing and Replacing Hardwood Floor Services under a Budget?

Yes, totally! With Cleveland Hardwood Floor Refinishing Pros, you can get durable and contemporary hardwood floors or replacements.

Our company’s repair and refinishing options outshine in every aspect. Be it budget, quality, or our fully-equipped professional team; we take pride in caring for our customers.

Our attentive customer support is there to guide you. Our professionals will visit your place as per your routine and help you decide what will work best for your floor.

Contact us on using our quote request without hesitation and get a striking hardwood floor that will make you smile when you walk in the room.

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