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Can old hardwood floors be matched?

The inevitable happens: hardwood floors can be scratched, dented or even destroyed. It doesn't matter if your pet is hyperactive or your beloved vase drops on the flooring, there are likely to be dents, scratches, or even planks that break. Although you might be able repair or replace some pieces of damaged hardwood floors, more than likely, the floor will eventually need to be replaced.

It is often difficult to match your new hardwood floors with the old ones when it comes to replacing sections of hardwood floors. There are three main things that you must check when looking at replacement hardwood floors for your hardwood flooring or when adding hardwood to adjacent rooms. Old hardwood floors can be matched by the right professional.

Matching Hardwood Profile

If you are looking to match old hardwood flooring with hardwood, the profile of hardwood, also known as thickness, should be double checked. It is possible to expect the floor to look consistent across your room if it has the same thickness.

While it may not be directly hardwood-related but important, make sure your subfloor level is maintained throughout your space. If your subfloor isn't level, it should be removed or added to. This will ensure the space has no slopes or peaks when installing new hardwood.

Harmonizing the Species and Grading

How do you identify your hardwood floor style? The chances of you knowing are minimal, and the flooring may not even be made anymore. A professional flooring expert will know what type of wood and which grade you have and will recommend the right style.

Matching Width

This is often the hardest step. It is possible to tell the width of your hardwood planks from your head. But, if you are trying to match your existing hardwood floors with them, you must know exactly what their width is. It is easier to narrow the choice pool, making the process simpler and less stressful.

Refinishing & Staining

Even though a professional could recommend flooring to closely match your current floors', it is better to strip and refinish your hardwood floors. Or stain new boards so they match exactly. For seamless results and custom colors, professional refinishing and staining are recommended. Though you don't necessarily need to refinish the floors or stain them in all cases, it might be an effective option.

The steps of creating perfectly matching flooring can be daunting, but our professional team will help you to navigate them and determine the best fit for your needs. Cleveland Hardwood Floor Refinishing Pros has all the flooring solutions for you in Cleveland, OH. We are available to help you with your flooring needs. Give us a call today for a consultation.

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