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Is it worth refinishing old hardwood floors?

While renovating your home can seem like an expensive investment, it is important to remember that there are many ways you can save money and time. You sometimes have to do the hard thing and get started on a renovation. You can be confident that hardwood floors will increase the value of your home and last a lifetime. Cleveland Hardwood Floor Refinishing Pros has some suggestions to help you make a decision about whether hardwood flooring is worth keeping or whether its time to replace it.

You can refinish when:

  • It is common to find scratches and scrapes. Your floors may look worn and dull from dents, dings and pet claws. Refinishing hardwoods can be done without any hassle to restore the beauty of the wood.
  • You don't need to make any structural changes. It's possible to simply polish and refinish your floor to improve its appearance without spending a fortune.

Use the following to replace:

  • The floors creak or squeak. The wood scratches and nails on hardwood floors can cause them to creak and warp. It is also an opportunity to repair or replace any subfloor that may be contributing to the issue.
  • Engineered or synthetic wood are available. Floor refinishing involves sanding and grinding the wood's surface. This is great for hardwood pieces but less so for synthetic or engineered wood. Composite material is topped simply with a layer of veneer in the desired wood, or a photograph decal. They are not able to be refinished. You should replace or update any engineered and synthetic flooring that has been severely damaged.
  • You floors might be structurally unsound. It's possible to tell if your floors are becoming unstable by feeling like they're shaking constantly when you walk on them. If this happens, it is usually a sign of a problem with your subfloor. Cleveland Hardwood Floor Refinishing Pros can help.

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