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Hardwood Floor Resurfacing

Cleveland hardwood restoration

If your hardwood floor is in a state of disrepair and it’s looking like a shadow of its former self, then it’s probably worth considering a comprehensive hardwood floor resurfacing service. At Cleveland Hardwood Floor Refinishing Pros, we’re highly accomplished in this procedure, having carried it out hundreds of times, and we always achieve the best possible results on behalf of our customers. You can raise the physical and aesthetic quality of your property by investing in this service, and we’re certain that you’ll be glad that you decided to trust in this provision. For further details on this service, or to book in an appointment with our team, reach out to our customer service representatives today. If you’re still weighing up what to do, read on below for more information.

Understanding Hardwood Floor Resurfacing

So, what exactly is hardwood floor resurfacing? Not to be confused with hardwood floor refinishing – a similar but different process – hardwood floor resurfacing is an extensive and relatively time-consuming process that overhauls the hardwood floor installation. It can involve removing boards, grinding down uneven surfaces, and even reinforcing planks with brand new nails. Exactly what takes place will depend on the condition of the hardwood floor, but the bottom line is that this is a process which completely rejuvenates your installation. This is typically employed when the deterioration and damage is more advanced and widespread, as a refinishing process would otherwise likely be more than adequate.

Making Assessments

When you have a hardwood floor that looks like it needs some love and attention, it isn’t always clear what the best path forward is. Do you need general repairs, a refinishing intervention, or more extensive hardwood floor resurfacing? We can evaluate your installation and come to an accurate conclusion. How extensive is the damage? What kind of problems need to be resolved? These are the kinds of questions that we’ll be thinking about during our time inspecting your property.

Improving Safety

If you’ve gotten to the point where your hardwood floor has become decayed and splintered, there’s a reasonable chance that an injury could occur. Splinters, while small, can be incredibly painful – and it’s certainly something that you’d rather avoid. By overhauling the hardwood floor installation, we’ll eliminate the chance that anybody is going to suffer an injury. This makes the entire space more comfortable and enjoyable to be in for you and the whole family.

Repelling Pests

Pests – they’re one of those things that you desperately want to avoid having in your property, as once they’ve found their way into the building, it’s far more difficult to get rid of them. You can avoid evacuating your home and having to bring in an exterminator by having us take care of the resurfacing process for your hardwood floors. Decaying and broken hardwood floors make for an excellent habitation for pests like ants, termites, and other creepy crawlies. Skip this stressful experience and act now – bring in our resurfacing specialists without any further delay.

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