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Hardwood Floor Maintenance

Cleveland hardwood flooring

If you make the decision to have hardwood floors installed in your property, it’s really important that you take the necessary maintenance procedures seriously – as this will ultimately determine the lifespan of your installation. At Cleveland Hardwood Floor Refinishing Pros, we provide tips and interventions on hardwood floor maintenance on behalf of our customers, and those that follow our advice are always delighted with the condition of their hardwood floors. If you care about the longevity and aesthetic value of your floors, then this service really is a must for you. Find out more information about hardwood floor maintenance, and just why it’s so important, by reading on below. You an also book in an appointment with our team by calling our customer service representatives.

Regular Maintenance

One of the most important takeaways you need to remember at all times is that it’s critical you take maintenance seriously throughout your hardwood installation’s lifespan – rather than reacting to problems and issues as they come up. By being proactive about maintenance procedures, you can avoid any significant issues from emerging, and when they do come up, they’ll be far easier to resolve than they would otherwise be. Generally speaking, there’s no specific number of times or regular timing where you should have a maintenance person visit, you just need to be vigilant about the condition of your floors, and keep good maintenance habits.

Maintenance Tips

While bringing in a maintenance specialist to rejuvenate your hardwood floors is always a good idea, you also need to take care of your floors on your own on a day to day basis – and that means keeping good habits. First of all, you need to regularly sweep and vacuum your hardwood floors, as this will remove any abrasive material that could damage the surface of the floor. You also need to be vigilant with any liquid spills, as these can have a really negative impact on the state of your floor.

Consider Floor Protectors

There are a number of furniture items which will likely to be situated on your hardwood floors, and while these are obviously required for the functionality and comfort of the room, they can certainly have a damaging effect on the installation. One thing that you can do to avoid this is have floor protectors placed on all of supports which touch the floor. They should be replaced on a regular basis, as they definitely deteriorate after being used for a while. This will ensure that you don’t have any scratches or marks that could have been avoided.

Recoating Measures

Having our team recoat your hardwood floors is an excellent idea, but you should wait until it’s completely worn through to the bare wood before calling us in. You’ll avoid any more extensive concerns this way, and keep a consistent, attractive aesthetic for your floor. We’re certain that you’ll be glad that you took action early on – particularly if you see what happens when you fail to act.

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