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Frequently Asked Questions

wood floor refinishing Cleveland Ohio

At Cleveland Hardwood Floor Refinishing Pros, we understand that deciding what to do with your hardwood floor can be a complicated process, and a lot of the information might seem overwhelming – so below you’ll find a series of frequently asked questions that should help you to understand the various procedures at our disposal. There’s information listed on some of the services we offer, and details on special situations and accommodations that might be required. If you don’t find an answer before that fits with your situation, you can reach out to our customer service team and they’ll be able to provide clarity. Otherwise, read on below for any information you require.

Q. How long does the hardwood floor refinishing/resurfacing/repair process usually take?

Generally speaking, the amount of time it’ll take to complete one of these processes will be determined by the type of hardwood floor you have installed, and the size of the installation that is being treated. Refinishing and resurfacing processes can take several days when you include drying times, while general repair and maintenance processes tend to be quicker. We do our utmost to make these services as efficient as possible, so you can get back to enjoying your property.

Q. Can you work on my hardwood floors if they’re covered in carpet, vinyl, or laminate flooring?

If you have beautiful hardwood floors hiding beneath another layer of flooring, this shouldn’t be a problem for our team. We can remove the unwanted layer and get rid of it for you before working on the hardwood floors below. While some people prefer to take care of this on their own before we arrive, this is a common service request for our team.

Q. Does hardwood floor refinishing and resurfacing cause a lot of mess?

These processes usually involve sanding and grinding down the surface of the hardwood floor, so dust is a typical expectation in such situations. However, we do offer dust containment interventions for people who are concerned about there being a big mess. This is where we use a dust extraction system that removes dust as it’s created. Of course, if you go for the typical procedure, we’ll make efforts to vacuum and remove the dust in the area.

Q. When can we begin walking on the floor again?

If you’ve had a hardwood floor refinished or resurfaced, you’ll need to wait a bit of time before using the floor again. Generally speaking, you’ll have to wait a minimum of 24 hours, but it can be longer. We advise our customers on a case by case basis to avoid issues.

Q. Can you change the color of our hardwood floor?

If you decide to refinish your hardwood floor, you’ll have quite a bit of maneuverability in terms of the aesthetic of the installation. Darker hardwood floors can be made lighter, and vice versa. We can give you more information on the various possibilities, and the processes involved, if this is something that you might be interested in.

Q. What is hardwood floor refinishing?

Hardwood floor refinishing is the process of restoring hardwood floors to their original luster and beauty. Refinishing hardwood floors will remove scratches, stains, and other imperfections accumulated over time from regular wear. The hardwood flooring can be stripped down to its natural wood color or stained with a different shade for contrast in style.

Q. How often should your refinish your floors?

Mostly, hardwood refinishing will depend on factors like use frequency, type of finish used when first installed, what kind of materials were used initially, such as oak vs. maple, etc. But typically, plan on every seven years for darker hardwoods that are more prone to showing scratches, while lighter hardwoods may only require refinishing every ten years.

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